Appalachian State University
Brett Taubman
As the lead organizer of the High Country Beer Fest, an annual fundraiser for the Fermentation Sciences Program at Appalachian State University and other local charities, and one of the largest festivals in the northwest NC, I had the pleasure of working with Kenneth (Ken) Gottfried through his previous business, Go Postal. He provided marketing advice and options for the event and would always come through for us even when presented with unreasonable time frames. He is a veritable marketing guru and his unerringly positive attitude always made a difference, especially during crunch times when nerves would start to get frayed. I not only consider Ken an excellent marketing professional who's advice and help was critical to the success of our event, but also a friend. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. 

Brett Taubman

Robert Nicholson

Awesome working with Kenneth Gottfried getting new business cards done and signs for my truck. So if you need business cards, signs and any advertising or advice to grow your business check out the Buddha Kenneth Gottfried 
Thank You Ken